Monday, December 3, 2012

The One Universal Rule to Playing League of Legends Successfully

Proper League of Legends play is tremendously complex and contains hundreds of different variables that need to be taken into account before and then during each game. This is fairly obvious to new players who experience the enormous learning-curve associated with the game while they fight their way up to level 30.
However, there is definitely one universal and un-written rule in League of Legends that goes something like this: “get gold, buy suitable items, and then get in position!”

Getting gold is often the most challenging part for new players, because it requires very keen timing to last-hit minions and a comprehensive knowledge of the vast array of League of Legends champion-abilities. The goal is typically to “outscore” your lane-opponent by delivering the final hit on minions in-so-that you return to base with the ability to purchase better gear than your opponent. Killing enemy champions also greatly tips the balance related to gear-advantage in your favor.

Buying suitable items is usually the easiest part of learning the game. This is because most items are very class-specific and are obvious choices. Additionally, this is further amplified by the fact that an immense collection of web pages that are authored by experts which contain recommended items on a champion-by-champion basis are available for free online. Typically, a good build guide will contain items/runes that contain “survivability” to allow you to stay in-play for extended periods of time to gain more and more gold.

Getting in position is the factor that will ultimately determine if you win or lose. Getting in position requires you to communicate quickly and effectively, to be aware of your surroundings, and to line yourself up in a way that gives you and your team an advantage in a team battle.

Each of these core components within the aforementioned universal rule complement one another and are required to be an effective player. (Buying effective items helps you to last-hit minions, which helps you buy more effective items, which helps you get in better position, which helps you to kill enemy champions, which makes it easier to last-hit minions, and so on.)

Commonly accepted theory of line-up effectiveness:

-          1 ranged AD champion with 1 Support champion in the bottom lane who work together to keep an eye on the dragon. The Support champion attempts to disrupt enemy positioning and/or heal the ranged AD champion while the ranged AD champion concentrates on last-hitting minions and scoring free shots on enemy champions.

-          1 ranged AP champion in the middle lane who concentrates on last-hitting minions and dishing out as much damage to the enemy middle lane champion as possible.

-          1 Jungle champion who concentrates on killing the neutral monsters for gold/experience while communicating with the various lanes for setting up ganks and attacking/defending towers.

-          1 Tanky-DPS champion who, like the middle lane, concentrates on last-hitting minions and dishing out as much damage to the enemy top lane champion(s) as possible.