Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sona... At least Morg has to target her skills...

Sona... At least Morg has to target her skills...

Special thanks to Awning for providing this.


  1. I just purchased Sona last night and tried her for the fist time ever in a Beginner level co-op. Found your blog this morning. :) I am so glad I started playing Ashe and then Corki (when Corki went free this week) before getting Sona. The whole dart in, blast quick, dart out mechanic with Corki, especially dancing in and out with a 1v2 situation with low mana, was critical to my early survival with Sona. I ended up effectively solo against Shen/Ren AI combo much of the early game due to a severely overcautious Nunu lane partner (brand new player I suspect, so understandable).

    Mid-late game, our Katarina came down to join me and the world opened up. Sona rocks when paired with good melee that know how to use your bonuses and dance back for you to heal them.