Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Renekton Bot's Urgent Questions

Stumbled across this in the League of Legends Boards the other day, cracked me up so I thought I'd share:

1) If Kog'maw is all about eating things, why do all of his abilities involve vomiting instead?

2) Garen hits women to shut them up. Did you guys ever think about this?

3) Did Morgana's parents not realize that if you name a girl Morgan, Morgana or Morrigan then she's going to be evil?

4) Has Twitch ever played Templeton in a League of Legends-sponsored reproduction of Charlotte's web?

5) Does Urgot have trouble descending stairs (controlled descent, I mean. Not just tumbling)?

6) Any chance we'll see a Solid Snake Shaco skin? Or Teemo? If it's Teemo, can we replace his mushrooms with claymores and have his passive put him in a box?

7) Does Nunu actually do anything? It seems to me that it's Yeti doing all the work.

8) Who convinced Karthus to dress up as the Statue of Liberty?

9) Is Anivia ticklish?

10) Has Heimerdinger ever built a turret and then forgot about it, and then it murdered some kid on his way to school?

10a) Did he receive gold for the kill?

11) Why do champions forget all their abilities until well into their next match? Does Eve just suddenly remember that she can be a total *****?

12) Soraka is the worst champion. No, not because of her abilities, it's because she gave up immortality to turn Warwick into a pro jungler. Every time I get ganked by Warwick I blame that stupid purple goat. I mean god **** it, girl. No this isn't a question

14) Is it true the 13th question is bad luck?

15) I recruited 10,000 friends to LoL but for some reason the system didn't keep track. When can I expect my plane ticket?

16) Is it true that to be a female gunslinger in Runeterra you need to wear a stupid hat?

17) When Ashe uses her ultimate and misses, does the arrow just keep going until it slams into someone? How many crystal arrows are flying around the world right now?

18) Has Twisted Fate ever been caught using Destiny to spy on women in the shower?

19) Does Nasus use Wither to age wines and then sell them back for huge profits?

20) What is Fiddlesticks going to do when they add the Magma Chamber map?

Special thanks to Renekton Bot!

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