Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late Game Split Pushing With Jax

Guys - check my logic here:

Late game split pushing as Jax... basically the whole point of this is to make them send 2v1 to try to stop you... so the rest of your team can initiate a 4v3 team fight, right? With the punishment of sending 1 = certain death, and sending 0 = loss of multiple towers/inhib.

(Wards in jungle are obviously key...)

Am I missing something?


  1. Jax is silly, you can get him to 1% and he can just turn around and wtf instakill you.

    Late game he'd probably be better just teamfighting, since if he isn't focused, he'll kill 2+ enemy players

  2. Yeah, you might be right, just seems like there is something to be said for split pushing late game when the enemy has a better team-fighting team.

    Like last game... I went 11/11/7, but we didn't tank and our carries went straight offensive even though they had a fed Kat on their team... no way that team fight would end in our favor, lol.