Tuesday, June 28, 2011

League of Legends - Helpful Tips

League of Legends - Helpful Tips

- Treat this game like a race until the 30-40min mark, a race to get to lvl 18 that is... if your enemy is farming minons and you find yourself outside of experience range, you're slowly losing... (They're gaining lvls, you're not)

- From the beginning, pick a team that is either designed to split-push or team-fight. If you later find your enemy has several AOE abilities, and you still decide team fights are the best option... then make sure you buy Banshee's Veil. 

- Don't play ranged carries without support of some kind. Several champs, like Ashe, Kog, and TF do absurd amounts of ranged damage... but are very venerable in team fights to assassins like Irelia, Shaco, Nocturne, and Akali. Without a Blitz, Janna, Alistar, etc. that can disable the assassin, you'll find yourself useless seeing as though you can't get close enough to the action without getting your throat slit.

- Leave the enemy tank alone in team fights! If you find a Singed, Garen, Morde, etc. with all defensive items... simply leave him alone in team fights, he's not going to do much damage to you, so don't waste your abilities on him!

- Don't dive under towers unless you are aware of where enemy champs are on the mini-map. Killing champions gives a lot less gold than it used to... In fact, you get more bonus gold from killing a canon-minon than from an enemy champion on a 3+ death streak! So just sit there at their tower and force them to bring reinforcements to defend the tower. The more time the enemy spends traveling in the jungle, the less time they're spending gaining gold and experience.

- Always try for last hits! You don't get gold unless you get the killing blow! That being said... if you have a full mana bar, don't be afraid to use an ability to kill a minion.

- Keep an eye on the dragon with a ward, and note the time when the dragon is killed. (The dragon re-spawn time is 6 mins.) Your team gets a nice 1000 gold boost for killing the dragon, which is a great way to bring your team back in the game if you're a little behind.

- If your team has a jungler and you find yourself soloing 2v1, play extremely defensively. Also, make a note to pick a champion that has some kind of health-regen ability. Vllad, Nasus, Irelia, Shen, etc. all make great 2v1 solos. If you find yourself taking a lot of damage, give your jungler a 45-sec heads up before you go back to the spawn pool.

- Before engaging an enemy champ in a 1v1 battle, take a quick glance at their lvl, items, mana situation, and CS (creep score).

- There are a few champs that will simply bash the crap out of your team if you feed them early or let them free-farm. (Irelia, Jax, Xin, Vllad just to name a few.) If the enemy has a Jax that has more kills than all your team combined at the 20-min mark, do your team a favor and push "yes" to surrender. (Or pray to the internet gods to dc him?)

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  1. Nice tips for new players, I never remember learning this for some reason, I just do it =P

    Must be all the years playing wow